Heavy Load Fixed Side Series

Heavy-Load support unit is designed for machine tools and using P4 class of 60 degree Axial angular contact ball bearing.  This series ball screw support bearing and ball screw bearing block are specifically designed with functions and a structure that make it highly suitable for ball screw support applications. The series offers three different bearing combinations DF, DFD and DFF.  

  • The rigidity values in the table represent theoretical estimates derived from the elastic deformation between the ball groove and balls.
  • The starting torque is the torque resulting from the preload of the bearing and excludes any torque associated with the seal.
  • The values in parentheses for the basic dynamic load rating and permissible axial load pertain to situations where the axial load is applied in a straight line.
  • Grease is packed into bearing. It is not necessary to apply grease before use.  (Option) Oil hole (G) is able to re-filled the grease into bearing.
  • Permissible axial load is 0.7 times of limiting axial load.